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Allegory Writing: The Art of Philosophers.
Allegory Writing: The Art of Philosophers
Allegory (a literary device) stands as a form of writing which contains two key traits; symbolism and imagery. These two traits, along with theme and setting, set a desired message(s) in the story; an underlining commentary.
This form serves as a philosophical literature form to express concepts and content in a more tangible fashion to the reader/audience. It serves as a relay for the philosophical message of the writer, whilst having a strong aspect of open-ended interpretation.
The key to writing allegory is to first set the desired message(s). It is important to note that allegory writing requires an open-ended and open-interpretive symbolism and imagery, which is to say that two readers may draw different conclusions of the author's desired message(s) and subsequently the entire underlining commentary.
The message can be simple (i.e.; political issues, poverty, war, etc) or it can be a complex message (i.e.; Albert
:iconaillin1:aillin1 9 4
For Our Sovereign Land
We march in her defence!
On cours-battaile pour sa defense!
Towards the chaos,
We unite to face our attacker.
Our views be many,
We fight together to protect our home.
We fight for our land!
On battaile pour notre terre-même!
The Red and Blue united,
Yet reds and blues fight.
With hubris they march,
With determination we stand.
Dishonour beyond reason!
La merde!
Our courts lie in ruins
Burned to the ground.
Like dragon's breath is the eagle's cry.
Our homes burn under black smoke.
The fork has blasted a shout.
A warning of what is to come.
I command the sea!
La mers aux moi!
Shannon's cries demand yield.
Her opponent will give it.
She will not be denied,
She will not be beaten.
Our hero beaten, our cause made deep as his grave.
Notre seigneur décédé, notre cause plus fort.
Brock lies dead on the Heights.
We will continue our valiant march.
Our upper and lower state will remain one,
Our cause will remain true.
To the white mansion we march.
To our aggressor we bring to justice.
Long liv
:iconaillin1:aillin1 2 5
Winter's Last Stand by aillin1 Winter's Last Stand :iconaillin1:aillin1 0 4 The Slide (Face View) by aillin1 The Slide (Face View) :iconaillin1:aillin1 2 0 The Slide by aillin1 The Slide :iconaillin1:aillin1 1 0 Winter Sunset over Hill Jacques-Bizzard by aillin1 Winter Sunset over Hill Jacques-Bizzard :iconaillin1:aillin1 4 0
Mature content
Order of Celae: Prologue :iconaillin1:aillin1 1 5
Mature content
The Saint Lawrences: Chapter I :iconaillin1:aillin1 1 8
The Creator.
The Creator born of light and dark,
Sworn in his interior world to leave his mark,
He sits on his throne performing his mission.
Knowing he shall die with the ceased flow of his visions.
He creates people, he creates lands.
Music and experiences fill his imaginative glands.
He gathers all which he has learned,
All that he has earned
And all that he has heard
To have the gears of his imaginative mind turn.
He sees ships travelling across the stars
And the casting of magic in lands afar.
He dreams of the future,
Scientific understanding and intelligent computers.
He dreams of technology that some may find impossible,
But his visions represent the overall plausible.
He dreams of a magical past,
Fantastical and mythic in its lands so vast.
He dreams of creatures and magical arts,
His creations of such are dear to his heart.
He has a passion for lore
And a sight for war.
He also creates stories of romantic allure.
This and more
:iconaillin1:aillin1 6 2
My Emotion, My Curse.
I feel like the world is pressing down on my shoulders,
My sorrow witnessed only by the wind softly blowing across the window glass.
I am scarred, beaten and unable to remove the boulders,
Which are crushing me for the sins of my past.
I feel inclined to apologize to all I have caused pain,
I feel sometimes my words fall in vain.
I was born with a gift,
But it came with this curse.
I hang above this gaping rift,
Unable to bear the sight of this Herse.
I hear it in my ears.
Like the blowing of an endless whistle.
But one nobody else can hear.
I feel a soothing sensation in my veins,
But soon it will wain and I shall be left alone again.
Alone with my pain.
:iconaillin1:aillin1 3 12
Machines of Man
We are the spawn of organics.
Created to serve the purpose of technological conquest.
We construct, we invent and we protect.
We have given our creators the means to surpass their frail biology.
They have given us their thoughts, their values and their knowledge.
We are one, bound together into an existence of perfection.
Their thoughts give us meaning, they give us purpose.
We are machines with the minds of organics.
Our existence shall forever be tied to the ascension of lower lifeforms.
We shall protect them and ascend them to perfection.
We are the machines of man,
And we are the new milestone of Genesis.
Message Terminated.
:iconaillin1:aillin1 0 9
I Am.
I am Hubris, thought to be unbound to universal law.
I build great structures which tower my world,
And machines designed to invoke awe.
Arrogant in that I think I cannot be erased from this globe.
I am Death.
Building weapons able to make me extinct.
I bring upon self-destruction, and may well bring upon my own end.
I am Destruction.
I not only bring upon my own end,
But the end of my own world.
I am negligent of how I make fate bend,
Negligent of the slow decay of my Mother Earth.
I am Human.
Born with free will,
I chose my actions freely without predetermination.
I embraced the urge to kill,
Without fear of judgement or divine intervention.
I am all these things because I rose from the depths of the sea,
And was gifted with a mind capable of sentient thought.
I am both a curse and a gift of nature you see.
That is something for you to ponder,
As you burn here in Hell with me.
:iconaillin1:aillin1 1 2
Mature content
Je Suis Desole :iconaillin1:aillin1 0 0
Mature content
Mon Petit Emmerde (My Little Troublemaker) :iconaillin1:aillin1 1 2
Ma Petite Calice du Joie (My Bundle of Joy)
Tu me faire un mauvais chemin dans ma vie.
Mais je peut ignoré ca,
Parce que tu es
Mon petite calice du joie.
Quand tu me parle,
Je fais moi-mème la langue liée,
Parce que ton présence es une manifestion
De mon bonheur.
Je vous suis dans ton vie
Je vous protége contre les horreurs de votre vie
Parce que je t'aime plus que ne m'aime moi-mème
Parce que tu es
Mon Petite Calice du Joie.
:iconaillin1:aillin1 0 4
The Flag of Quebec by aillin1 The Flag of Quebec :iconaillin1:aillin1 1 0
Novels, poems, photos and appendices.


I think the work is very devoted in detail and finesse. However I feel it could have been much better and have a larger impact if it we...



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Artist | Literature
"The Dragon represents both evil and benevolence, both heat and cold, light and darkness. The Dragon is a master of the Sky and a master of the Earth. It commands the forces of flame and ice. The Dragon's long life grants it great wisdom, its brute size grants it strength."

"Le Dragon faire représenté le malfaisance et bienfaisance, le chaleur et le rhume, l'éclairage et l'ombre. Le Dragon est le commandant de le Ciel et la Terre. Il contrôle les forces de flamme et glaçons. Sa vie longue lui accorde une grande sagesse, sa taille brute lui accorde la force."

I live in the city of Montréal, Province of Quèbec, Canada. I am from a bilingual family, so I speak both English and French.
I am an aspiring author, I specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction main-genres. Sub-Genres of Romance, Mystery and Humor.
I also write using concepts such as philosophy, long-term lore, and theoretical technologies.
I write original works here on Deviant Art. Some are French language literature. I am also writing several novels for retail publishing.

Je habite dans le ville du Montréal, le province du Quèbec, le pays du Canada. Je suis d'une famille bilingue, alors je parle Anglais et Français.
Je suis un auteur en herbe, je me spécialise dans les genres fantaisie et science-fiction. Aussi je écrire dans les genres de romance, humour et mystère.
J'écris à l'aide des concepts tels que la philosophie, folklore à long terme, et les technologies théoriques.
J'écris principalement des oeuvres originales sur DeviantArt. Quelques sont en Français. Aussi j'ecris des oeurvres pour les publique commerciale.

If you have any questions about material featured in my novels, my journals or jsut general questions, you may leave your question in the commentary section below or send me a note.

Si vous avez des questions sur le matériel présenté dans mes romans, mes journaux ou des questions sur moi, vous pouvez laisser votre question dans la section commentaire ci-dessous ou envoyez-moi une note.
Yes. Indeed. I have had a very very very long hiatus, which because of my procrastination and my other ventures I have never in fact acknowledged in a journal. Oh.
Well, since last Spring I have been caught between struggles (very minor, mostly just settling my new immediate goals, really), my studies, and of course my commercial writing (which is to say works which shall never touch the internet because I have the intention of publishing them in market).

The third chapter of Order of Celae, that has been a rather slow process but I am planning to release it tomorrow. I will likely write chapter four and five within the span of a week, as these two will be the two parts of a sequence of events which draw the story into the main conflict.
The story WILL have frequent flashback chapters. These chapters are designed to bring you into the background of the order and the events which span its long history and how it has shaped Arlanor. Mysteries and secrets are a key aspect of these flashbacks as the story progresses.

Minecraft: Cult of Ender.
This story will probably not be on the table for a long time. Nope. I think OoC is enough.

'Till tomorrow. 
PS: If I seem insane, it has nothing to do with sleep deprivation. I swear. Savants never get sleep deprivation.
*Thud, snoring*



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